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Jun. 1995 – Present
Nicholas A. Orlando Consulting Firm / Orlando Consulting Firm, LLC

Cleveland, OH / Chicago, IL
CEO / Owner / Consultant

  • My Career/Life in Information Technology began

July 2018 – Present
U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group

Birmingham, AL
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

  • This startup company I became the Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Jan. 1998 to Present
Best Management Group

Cleveland, OH
Vice-President, Partner, Owner

  • Partner/Owner with David Lopez

Feb. 1986 to Aug. 2004
Spellbound Productions Entertainment, Inc. (SPE)

Cleveland, OH
Owner, Disc Jockey, Production Engineer, Sound Engineer

  • First Business Ever Owned and Operated, started at the age of 16
  • My Disc Jockey name was “DJ Spellbound,” turn-tablaist entertainer